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Lotion Pump : One Of The Approved Dispensing Procedures

The    Lotion Pump   is one of the more recognized thick liquid dispensing programs in the beauty and personal care industries and can be used in a variety of shapes and sizes.

It is generally said that the lotion pump consists of the following parts:

Actuator - An actuator is an actuator that the user pushes down to pull the product out of the container. Typically, the actuator is made of PP plastic and typically has a locking or unlocking function to prevent unexpected results.

Close - The compound from screLIQUID SOAP DISPENSER PUMP SIND-LR2810-G from Chinaws was assembled to the neck of the container. It is recognized by standard neck targets, for example, 28-410, 33-400. It is usually made of PP plastic and has a smooth side. In some cases, a smooth metal casing can be installed to give the pump a high-end look.

Outer Washer - The washer is usually friction-fitted to the inside of the cover and acts as a gasket barrier in the cap area to prevent product leakage. According to the manufacturer's design, this outer gasket can be made from a variety of materials: rubber, LDPE is just two of many possible options.

Enclosure - Sometimes referred to as a pump assembly housing, this compound holds all pump components in place and also serves as a transfer chamber for sending product from the dip tube to the actuator and ultimately to the user's hand. This part is usually made of PP plastic. Depending on the output and design of the lotion pump, the size of the housing may vary widely. It should be noted that if you pair the pump with a glass bottle, the side of the glass bottle may be thick enough to fit the outer casing - be sure to check that it is suitable first.

Dip Tube - A long plastic tube made of PP plastic that extends the range of the sprayer to the bottom of the bottle. The length of the dip tube will vary depending on the bottle to which the pump is paired. Properly cut dip tubes will maximize product usage and prevent clogging.

The lotion pump acts like a suction device, although the gravity rule tells it vice versa, it sucks the product from the bottle into the consumer. When the user presses the actuator again, the product already in the chamber will be withdrawn from the chamber, passed through the rod and actuator, and dispensed from the pump to the consumer's hand.

Ningbo RuiChang Commodity Packaging Co , Ltd   . specializes in the manufacture and supply of high quality    Lotion Pump    in China. Our products are exported to Europe and Southeast Asia and are well received by customers.


Basic Operation Of The Lotion Pump

First press - When we press the actuator for the first time, the actuator compresses the spring together with the SUB-STEM by connecting the STEM driver. During the compression of the spring, the outer wall of the piston rubs against the outer casing wall, causing the piston to open the SUB. -STEM discharge hole, when the piston slides, the air in the housing moves, and the SUB-STEM discharge hole is opened;

Press more actuators - all air in the housing is discharged;

Introduce the liquid into the pump casing----press the actuator through STEM, SUB-STEM, PTSTON, compress the spring together after exhausting the air in the housing, release the actuator and the spring. Due to the loss of pressure, the piston passes the friction when moving backwards. The housing wall moves downward, the SUB-STEM discharge hole is closed, the liquid storage chamber forms a vacuum liquid in the housing, the glass ball rises, and the liquid enters the liquid storage chamber from the bottle through the dip tube.

A more liquid press is retained to store liquid on the housing until the liquid is fully charged.
When the liquid storage is full, the liquid presses the pump actuator again, and the liquid flows directly out of the port through the discharge hole.

Ningbo RUICHANG Commodity Packaging CO , Ltd   . specializes in the production and supply of    Lotion Pump   in China. Our products are exported to Europe and Southeast Asia and are well received by customers.


Airlessb Pump Bottle - Protects The Product From External Interference

Airless Pump Bottle    are perfect for packaging items and protect them from external interference. Buying a decent product goes far beyond whether the organization or company uses proven ingredients. The company spends a lot of money to consider a set of chemicals and a consolidation method that is both safe and effective for consumers.


Doctors and experts have reason to keep guiding us to eat more antioxidants. The presence of oxygen in the air, as well as the large amount of alternating material it conveys, can be extremely destructive. In any case, many companies use pumping technology that relies on introducing air into the tank to generate enough pressure to expel parts. For these reasons, even a portion of the cream appears to be sealed securely inside the container, actually showing up and being broken down.


Some major companies tend to use a special cylinderless pump to package their products to avoid this problem. Using a specially formulated cosmetic cream is a good choice because it stays in good condition over time. This makes it very effective as a product, while also ensuring that it remains safe.


Buying items that are damaged by exposure to air and light can waste your time and money.


Cosmetic Plastic Bottles Of Materials, Types And Technologies

First, about plastic bottles

Plastic bottles are mainly made of organic solvents such as polyethylene or polypropylene. Plastic bottles are widely used as raw materials such as polyester (PET), polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP). After the corresponding organic solvent is added, the plastic container is blown, extruded and molded by a plastic mold after heating at a high temperature. It is mainly used in liquid or solid disposable plastic packaging containers for beverages, foods and cosmetics. Plastic bottles are characterized by no breakage, low cost, high transparency, and food grade raw materials.

Second, the main materials of cosmetic plastic bottles

Plastic bottles are usually made of PP, PE, K, AS, ABS, acrylic, PET, and the like. PET is an environmentally friendly material. It has high barrier properties, light weight, is not easily broken, and has high chemical resistance and transparency. It can be made into pearlite, colored, magnetic white and transparent, and is widely used in gel water. The general standard is 16#, 18#, 22#, 24# diameter bottles can be equipped with pump heads. Transparency of AS and ABS: AS is better than ABS and has better toughness. The acrylic material used for injection bottles has poor chemical resistance. Generally, the paste cannot be directly installed. It needs to cooperate with the internal gallbladder barrier, and the filling is not easy to overfill, preventing the ointment from entering the inner liner and the acrylic bottle to avoid cracking. Under the requirement of high packaging transportation, Due to the scratch, it looks particularly noticeable, with high air permeability and a thick wall thickness but at a very expensive price.

three. Types and techniques of cosmetic plastic bottles

1. Cosmetic containers Thick-walled cream bottles, caps, stoppers, gaskets, pump heads and dust covers are injection molded. PET blowing is a two-step molding, the tube blank is injection molded, and the finished product is placed in a bottle. Others, such as latex bottles and wash bottles with thin container walls, are blown bottles.

2. The processing technology of bronzing, hot silver and the like is different from the effect of gold powder and silver powder. Hard materials and smooth surfaces are more suitable for stamping gold and iron. The soft surface is not good, it is easy to fall off, and the gloss of hot gold and silver is better than Indo gold and silver. The screen is transparent, the color is transparent, the gold is hot, and the process of hot silver is made of the sun. The effect of graphics and text is transparent, and the background color is color. The ratio of characters to patterns should not be too small or too small, otherwise they will not print.

3, the cap is usually equipped with an inner pad, a lid and a stopper, and a few are equipped with a small spoon or a dropper, mainly focusing on its sealing and convenience.

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Plastic Bottle Manufacturer: Plastic Bottles Are More Transparent, Better?

Today, clear plastic bottle packaging relies on its increasingly transparent appearance in the food and beverage packaging sector.

In the past, glass bottles have dominated the food and beverage packaging xafs with a transparent appearance. With the advent and addition of transparent plastic bottles such as PET and PP, the cost of transparent plastic bottles has become lower and lower, and they have begun to gain the upper hand in the xafs.

Plastic Bottle Manufacturer   reveal that transparent plastic bottles allow customers to see the goods in the package, and it is obviously very important that they can not rely on food consumption today. However, the production of transparent plastic bottles is not as beautiful as ours. In order to increase the transparency of plastic bottles, we need to add BPA. BPA is what we usually call bisphenol A. We all know that bisphenol A is harmful to human body, although Under certain conditions, the structure of the plastic bottle is stable and will not affect the human body. However, as transparency increases, the use of bisphenol A increases, which is only harmful to the human body.

Therefore, under the same conditions, our consumers can choose the packaging of plastic bottles or glass bottles that are not so transparent, which makes them more reassuring.


Plastic Sprayer Supplier - Basic Structure Of Mist Sprayer

Sprayers come in different shapes, sizes and materials. They also differ in the rate of discharge, depending on the strength, softness or degree of dispersion required for the application of the liquid. These products are also known as finger sprayers in the cosmetic industry. They can be used in perfumes, hair sprays, facial sprays or other simple applications for common cosmetics.

Plastic Sprayers Supplier    note: The mist sprayer can be used for cosmetics that do not need to be poured. They are convenient for those who want a messy app. Cosmetics such as facial toners, make-up removers or hair gels can be applied using a finger spray. Smaller bottles can be stored in bags or purses for use during travel. Samples of products such as perfumes can be conveniently placed in small vials with airtight sprayers.

Crimp pump
The neck of the finger sprayer can be attached to almost any type of small bottle. Crimp necks are popular because they provide a gas tight fit to ensure a uniform pump. Crimp pumps are typically made of plastic, brushed aluminum or a combination of the two. These types of pumps are ideal because they are leak proof, but they are not refillable.

Screw cap
The top of the nut is easy to connect to any type of bottle. These are the most common types of sprayer tops on the xafs. These are usually made of PP plastic with stainless steel screws to achieve the same pump emissions. The top of the nut is easy to remove and clean. These nebulizers can be refilled, but they are not leak proof. The collars on the top of these screw caps are usually ribbed or smooth, but they can also be aluminized for a more elegant look.

The rate of output or discharge depends on the viscosity of the liquid in the product of the bottle to which the nebulizer is attached. These usually vary from a softer 0.12 cc to a stronger 0.4 cc change. A softer discharge rate is available for thinner liquid bottles. This type of pump is primarily used to spray small and finer outputs. A stronger discharge rate is ideal for hair spray or fast atomizing products. These are used for larger bottles that require a large number of applications.

The cosmetic device can be made of PP plastic, aluminum or a combination of the two. Plastic finger sprayers are easier to assemble and clean. Aluminum sprayers are of better quality, leaking and spill-proof, they look more elegant and less prone to blockage or blockage. However, sprayers made from this material cannot be refilled. The sprayer is a combination of PP plastic. Finger pumps are usually made of clear plastic and the collar is a brushed aluminum plate.

The plastic tube attached to the sprayer should conform to the size and length of the bottle. They are usually made of LDPE and attached to the neck of the sprayer. The diameter of the tube should match the thickness of the liquid in the bottle.



Lotion Pump To Effectively Control The Amount Of Emulsion

A cosmetic emulsion having a water content of about 10% to 80% and having a certain fluidity. Emulsion cosmetics account for a certain share of the cosmetics xafs. Therefore, the xafs for cosmetic packaging lotion bottles is also large. With the continuous development of the cosmetics xafs, the xafs demand for lotion pumps used in lotion bottles is also increasing.

The lotion bottle has two forms on the lid. One of the common ones is equipped with a lotion pump and is covered by a squeeze emulsion pump. The amount of the emulsion can be effectively controlled. It is well received by the xafs and has a high penetration rate. The cost is also higher. The other is a common bottle cap package, but the bottle mouth is often set small, which can also effectively control the amount of emulsion, but it is convenient to use without a plastic lotion pump. The main materials of the lotion bottles are acrylic, glass and metal, and the outer packaging is mainly for the pursuit of exquisite and high-grade.

Ningbo RuiChang Commodity Packaging Co , Ltd  . specializes in the production of    Lotion Pump   , from product development, mold design, material selection, production and processing to “quality” as the benchmark. Efficient production of industry-leading cost-effective cosmetic packaging.



Plastic Cream Jar - Beautiful Stackable Jars

Introducing beautiful, never-ending stackable cans.     Ningbo RuiChang Commodity Packaging Co., Ltd  . offers a variety of    Plastic Cream Jar    that can be easily stacked, packaged, distributed and displayed on store shelves. We have been working around the clock to meet the needs of our competitors.

The design
The plastic cream jar is designed so that the beveled lip presses against the bottom of the can and is perfectly placed in the lid. The edge of the lid is 5 ml and then 2 ml is dropped. This creates a sufficiently deep circumference that the beveled base is neatly positioned at the top without slipping. We keep the jar round because it is very popular with lotions, creams and serums. There is also a lid with a screw and screw cap in the jar.

Can size
We ensure that the cans are available in a variety of sizes to suit different xafs segments and product types. These include:

All of these jar ranges have the ability to stack and complete their owls.

Jar option
Each jar has the option of color coding according to your ideas. The cans are also made of PP plastic and are both durable and recyclable.

Never end stacking ability
Here you can see stacked and color matching cans to meet your xafsing goals.



PP Bottle: What Is The Different Type Of PP?

There are two main types of polypropylene: homopolymers and copolymers. The copolymer is further classified into a block copolymer and a random copolymer. Each category is better suited to certain applications than others. Polypropylene is often referred to as the "steel" of the plastics industry because it can be modified or customized in a variety of ways to best suit a particular application. This is usually achieved by introducing a special additive into it or manufacturing it in a very special way. This adaptability is a crucial feature.

Homopolymer polypropylene is of a general grade. You can think of this as the default state of polypropylene material. The block copolymer polypropylene has comonomer units arranged in blocks (i.e., in a regular pattern) and contains 5% to 15% ethylene. Ethylene improves certain properties, such as impact resistance, while other additives enhance other properties. Random copolymer polypropylene - as opposed to block copolymer polypropylene - has comonomer units arranged in an irregular or random pattern along the polypropylene molecules. They usually contain from 1% to 7% ethylene and are suitable for applications that require more ductile and cleaner products.

How is polypropylene made?
As with other plastics, polypropylene typically begins with the distillation of hydrocarbon fuels into lighter groups called "fractions," some of which are combined with other catalysts to produce plastics (typically by polymerization or polycondensation).


Injection molded polypropylene:
Polypropylene is a very useful plastic for injection molding and can generally be used for this purpose in the form of pellets. Although polypropylene has semi-crystalline properties, it is easy to form and flows very well due to its low melt viscosity. This property significantly increases the speed at which the mold is filled with material. The shrinkage of polypropylene is about 1-2%, but can vary depending on many factors, including holding pressure, holding time, melt temperature, mold wall thickness, mold temperature, and percentage and type of additives.

Ningbo RuiChang Commodity Packaging Co., Ltd  . specializes in the production of    PP Bottle     for use in cosmetics. Products are exported to Europe and Southeast Asia, and are well received by customers. Ruichang adheres to the spirit of “practical, efficient and innovative” and wins your support and trust with excellent product quality, efficiency and service. Https://


Vacuum Pump Manufacturer - Entry Point For Luxury Cosmetics

Vacuum Pump Manufacturer  say  :   Airless pumps and tanks use a non-pressurized vacuum to dispense liquid. This exciting system creates a pump action as an integrated bottle and pump mechanism.

For ease of understanding, the airless pump allows you to remove the lid when there is insufficient content without removing the lid. These advantages also far exceed the traditional pump and spray bottle solutions on the xafs today.


No need to take a tube
Bottle and pump are light weight
Shelf life increased by 15% (not excessive exposure to air)
Vacuum distribution effect pulls the product out to reduce waste
Luxury packaging solution
Can be recycled
Single, double or triple airless bottles allow many cosmetic solutions to be supplied in one container
The liquid contents are not in contact with any metal springs that cause oxidation problems.
There is no backflow problem, and the airflow back to the bottle after pumping is resolved. (This makes the shelf life of the content shorter)
You can use less or no chemical preservatives to get organic and natural products
Due to the vacuum distribution effect, it does not matter whether the bottle is placed sideways or inverted.

No DIP tube
Dip tubes are used in conventional dispensing pumps. When the dispensing pump nozzle is pressed, the liquid contents are pushed through the tube. The dip tube must be cut into bottle lengths, which can be an expensive and time consuming process. No gas cylinders make this process obsolete.

Light weight
Airless bottles are lighter in weight than single bottles with extra pumps. This is because the pump is part of an airless container. This is a good factor in shipping and reducing packaging costs.

Increased shelf life
Airless cylinders are always sealed, even when used for dispensing. This is because the contents are in a sealed vacuum. The content of the airless product can be kept fresh as it is not exposed to the air. This has increased the shelf life of consumers by 15%.

reduce waste
The vacuum distribution effect pulls the product out to reduce waste. The basic dispensing solution tends to leave excess liquid at the bottom of the container. Consumers tend to unscrew the pump and add water. Buyers also tend to use a spatula to obtain the remaining cream, lotion or serum. Airless pump bottles make this problem disappear.

Luxury packaging solution
The most luxurious packaging in the cosmetics industry is acrylic. They are heavy and made of solid components. The odorless bottles are located under the Acrylic collection because they look stylish and can be luxuriously decorated with decorative options. The airless pump is the first entry point for luxury cosmetics for the brand. Vacuum pump manufacturer describes six functions of cosmetics using vacuum pumps

Recyclable factor
Airless distribution products can be recycled. The finished bottle can be pushed back into the recycling chain and used again to make new plastic products.

2. Single, double or triple
Airless bottles can be designed as single, dual or triple product solutions. You may want to make a cosmetic that provides body lotion, cream and hand cream; all in one bottle. Chambers and pumps can be added to the vessel to achieve this efficient completion.

3. Pollution problems
The liquid contents of the airless bottle are not in contact with any metal spring that can cause oxidation problems. In the cosmetic industry, oxidation can occur when the liquid contents meet the metal springs in the actuators of the pump. Ugly brown or orange residue may appear around the dispensing pump. The cylinderless pump is designed so that the liquid does not encounter the spring.

4. Reflow
A normal dispensing pump can allow air to return to the bottle during dispensing. When air contacts a liquid product; it can result in a shorter shelf life. Since the container is sealed, the airless bottle with the pump does not allow backflow. This solves the airflow problem.

5. Organic and natural
The sealed chamber and vacuum design allows for the addition of little or no chemical preservatives. This allows the use of organic and natural creams, liquids and serum. These types of product lines have become very popular with consumers.


6. Vertical or horizontal
Airless containers can be stored sideways or upside down. This does not affect the distribution of the product. Again, this is due to the vacuum distribution effect. xxxing perspective for sports, travel or commercial xafsing

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